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Welcome to Eagle Eye Secure Storage

We Care About Your Convenience.

Eagle Eye Secure Storage is a family owned and operated self-storage business based in Wasilla, AK. We have a focus on making the entire storage experience as convenient and secure as possible for our customers not just on move-in day, but throughout your rental with us until you move out!

This company was founded by a man who had immigrated from Uzbekistan in 1995 to Wasilla with his wife who was 3 months pregnant with their first child.

Nick's timeline from 1995 to 2011

  • volunteered at a farm in Palmer while waiting for the ability to work
  • landed a job at the then Cottonwood Creek mall (currently Target) as a custodian
  • taught himself English (listening to radio, TV, reading books and talking to co-workers)
  • worked for an electrical company (Shelton Electric)
  • started his own electrical contracting business (Fonov Electric)
  • starting a residential home building business (Pacific North Construction)

Wow- that's quite the resume, and then in 2011 opened Eagle Eye Secure Storage! Since 2011, we have learned a LOT! And we have continued to embrace the spirit of small business throughout our lifespan as a company. Choosing Eagle Eye Secure Storage to store your belongings and vehicles does not just ensure you get the highest quality of service, but that you are supporting a local business that’s rooted in Alaska!

As a company, we are focused on providing you with the most convenient and secure storage solution in our state. These three principles guide a lot of our vision as a company:

  • Customer convenience
  • Honesty and transparency in every action
  • Constant Improvement & performance

We have learned a lot over our 12+ years in business, and the bottom line that we have learned is that relationships are the biggest thing we have on this planet. We realized that our customers quickly become friends and one of our favorite parts of the self storage industry is hearing the stories that bring customers to us.

While a storage unit is needed when moving into your dream house, it's also needed when you're forced to downsize into an apartment. One customer may have just gotten married and moved out of their parents house, but another may have just lost a loved one unexpectedly. The reality is, we serve people in their highs and lows, and we realize that. We're here for you to help in anyway that we can. Whether you’re starting a new business, or opening a new chapter in your life; we would love to be part of your growth, move or transition.

Whatever your need for storage is, it’s likely that we can help you. If we can’t help you, we will know someone who likely can.